Sometime in the future, aliens arrive.

A high quantity of large rocks have started raining from the sky causing devastation all around Earth. You must command the Earth Defense Craft to search our solar system and destroy any anomalous rocks or aliens before it’s too late. Is this our last stand?

AstroStorm is a new game by SporadicSoft for the Atari Jaguar. It’s primarily a target based shoot ’em up where you must blast away all the rocks before your shield runs out. In Campaign and Skirmish modes, after every two levels you must also fly to your next location.AstroStorm features a campaign story with 40 levels, skirmish mode with random levels, arcade modes for quick pick up and play, a mix of gameplay styles between shooting and space flying, powerups you can activate at strategic moments, separate scoreboards for each game type, and more!


When on a shooting level, the Command Monitor in the top left corner indicates which rock to shoot next. Destroy all the rocks in the level, in the order commanded, to receive bonus points; achieving this in ‘Arcade Shoot’ mode also recharges your shield. Red bonus rocks will occasionally fly past your view. Every five red rocks destroyed awards you an extra life (up to a maximum of three). When in navigation flight, you must fly through all the green gates but avoid the rocks at all costs. You can use the boost button to speed up and gain extra points.

To release powerups you must destroy the red rocks that fly across the screen. Use your warp button to grab the powerup before it disappears. Powerups collected are automatically reserved for later use. You can only store one of each type at a time. Any powerups collected that are already held in reserve will be instantly activated. Reserved powerups are represented by the small icons at the bottom right corner of the shooting screen. Choose wisely when to activate a powerup, it could be beneficial or detrimental.


  • Campaign story with 40 levels
  • Skirmish mode with random levels
  • Arcade modes for quick pick up and play
  • A mix of gameplay styles between shooting and space flying
  • Powerups you can activate at strategic moments
  • Separate scoreboards for each game type

You can purchase Astrostorm over at the AtariAge store here.